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Test Drive

Give us a test drive

We believe that you’ll find our tool so intuitive that we’ll offer you an opportunity to give it a try without an training at all.  Obviously you won’t be able to use all of the system’s features but you’ll be able to do enough to understand how quickly your sales force will be able to use it.

You’ll need a username and password to log in.  Please use the following credentials:

Username:      demo@cat5.com

Password:       rigginggenie

Once you log in you’ll see the menu page you can either click on the “New Transaction” text located in the black bar at the top of the screen or the “Recall Transaction” text.

It would probably be easier to recall a transaction than start a new one but neither is difficult.

You can change prices by simply entering the price you wish to use in any field.

To see the profitability on the transaction:

Click the blue “Guidance” button and look down towards the bottom of the screen.

To see the Buyers Order:

Click on the black Buyers Order button.

To change the boat that is being quoted:

Click on the text that says “Click here to change product package”

To enter the trade-in information:

Click the gray “Trade” button.

To save the changes that you’ve made:

Click the green “Save Changes” YES button.

Remember that you’ll be able to do any of this from anywhere including your Smart Phone!

Enjoy your time with Rigging Genie

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