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Sales Force Management

Sales Force Management is the secret sauce to success

A well managed and trained sales team is part of the DNA of any successful dealership.  Providing your team with the tools that allow them to succeed and then creating the correct expectations regarding their performance is your single most important job.  You cannot and will not be successful unless your sales machine is well oiled.

Creating the correct expectations isn’t simply a matter of announcing that they will do business this way or that way.  While that’s an important first step you must take the time to “inspect what you expect”.  If they believe that you will not follow-up to make sure that they’re doing what you’ve asked, most will simply not do it.

As a manager in your dealership one of your more important duties is to help your sales staff close deals.  You’ve become an owner or a manager because you know how to do that.  Rigging Genie allows you to collaborate with your sales staff on the best ways to package your deal.  You’ll be able to recall each deal that a salesperson creates and offer suggestions regarding changes that you believe will help them close the deal.

One of the most valuable assets that your business owns is the information regarding who has had contact with your dealership.  It’s frankly amazing that in many dealerships all of the information regarding prospects and deals presented to them leaves with your salesperson.

Each customer that is presented a proposal is immediately trapped within Rigging Genie’s database.  Should your salesperson leave, that information is available for anyone in the dealership to perform follow-up.

Equally important is that all of those people become eligible to receive newsletters and promotional emails in the future.