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What is a Rigging Genie anyway?

Rigging Genie is a powerful software tool that will allow you to rapidly construct sales proposals for your customers from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.  It can be utilized on a desktop, laptop, or smart phone.

As you review our product you will see several features that will capture your interest.  We believe that effective sales aren’t about any single feature but rather a collection of tools that when combined provide your sales staff with a competitive advantage.

Your team needs to be able to get to your information quickly.  Then they need to manipulate that information to meet the dealership and client’s needs, professionally present that solution to the prospect, and then communicate their deal to your other team members such as management, administrative support staff, and your service personnel.  We deliver those capabilities.

Today’s buyers live in an electronic world and expect you to deal with them on their terms, not those from the 1970’s. They expect quick, accurate, and professional answers delivered electronically.  They want you to be prepared if they meet you on the golf course or the boat ramp.  Today it’s a Facebook world and you need the tools that allow you to survive and prosper in it.