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Inventory Management

Immediate Inventory Insights

Inventory control and management isn’t just about knowing where your products are for a floor plan inspection.

If you can’t get the information about what you have in stock delivered quickly to your sales team you can easily lose a sale.

Put yourself in your prospect position.  I’m looking for a 25′ Fishmaster Gallaxy center console with a blue hull, a 225hp Yamaha, Deluxe Leaning Post, Bow Cushions, and the upgraded fish boxes.  I want to spend less than $98,000.

In most dealerships the salesperson will either blindly walk around your lot or ask the customer to come inside so he can check inventory.

We’re not sure about you but we wouldn’t want to walk around your lot in the hot sun hoping to find what we’re looking for.  As beautiful as your showroom might be the prospect doesn’t want to go inside and be put in the “box” while your salesperson fumbles through inventory report.

The prospect wants to see and touch the boat he or she is interested in.

With Rigging Genie your salesperson can immediately check your inventory for the exact boat that the prospect is looking for and take them right to that boat which maintains the prospects enthusiasm.

Equally important is that if your salesperson is using the walk and grope method, that could easily miss the boat that’s in the shop for service or the one that’s on display at the mall.

Instant, accurate, and timely information gives your salesperson an advantage.  Isn’t that something you want to provide them with?